Kirsten Kizis
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A new member of Beyond The Stage, Kirsten Kizis is a writing and editing intern. Kirsten is a third-year student at Penn State University completing a major in Telecommunications. She has a passion for journalism and broadening her own horizons through storytelling.

6 Throwback Summer Anthems

Warm air, sunshine and nothing but free time stirs up the perfect combination for magical music. Some songs scream “summer” without having anything to do with the season…at all. Here…

7 Iconic Songs From 2007

I think we can all agree that the early 2000s was a sensational era for music, right? We have all had the guilty pleasure of listening to the cheesy love songs from Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, …

Post Malone Has Returned

Post Malone has made an exciting comeback following an almost 4-year interval since his previous album, Hollywood’s Bleeding. On June 3rd, the 26-year-old singer released his 5th album titled Tw…