Ben Pagani
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Arriving this summer as an intern, Ben Pagani has spent the last three years studying journalism at Kent State University in Ohio. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Ben has always had an eye on the local music scene wherever they may be. They can be found at the nearest record store picking up the newest albums or laying on a blanket in a field writing poetry.

Get To Know: Sorana

If you missed the release of multi-platinum singer-songwriter Sorana’s new single and music video for “Karaoke,” then you are missing a hardworking spirit’s creativity personified. The Rom…

New Music Friday: May 6, 2022

Friday again? Hey, we’ll never complain about that, especially in a week when sure to be chart-toppers dropped some new songs. Here are our top 10 new music releases for May 6, 2022. “This…