Samantha Aneed
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Sam Aneed is a contributing writer for Beyond the Stage Magazine. She has been with the team since 2016. She is currently in school studying business and hospitality. She is working as an associate at a hotel in Michigan. She loves her job and loves writing for BTS. In her free time you’ll find her at concerts, exploring dive bars and baking. Sam also is an avid social media correspondent and you’ll often find her on Twitter following all the latest trends in music. Some of her favorite artists and bands include, Bryce Vine, Harry Styles, Jake Miller, LANY and lovelytheband.

Rajiv Dhall: The Next Big Thing?

Releasing music is always scary. The artist never knows what to expect or what people will think. They always take big risks, and hope that it is good enough and people enjoy it. Rajiv Dhall, of Canto…

Get To Know Hey Violet!

Supporting acts at concerts are usually very underrated, and not many people pay attention to the opener. They are there to excite the crowd before the headliner comes out. Most opening acts become ve…