Get to Know: Jessy

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  1. Mike Vincent says:

    So cool! She’s a great writer!!!! I love how she got back up on the horse! Can’t wait to hear it!!

  2. Jaclyn Gomez says:

    She’s seems like the next big thing!! Can’t wait for this release ! Love her journey and persistence to make it happen!

  3. Lisa Marie says:

    I love the story of her life journey and her persistence in her passion. Loving the song sneak peek too. Can’t wait to follow her career!

  4. Etienne says:

    Wow stunning! Will definitely check out her first single tonight!!

  5. Mallory says:

    I love this!! Reading about the journey is so inspiring – can’t wait for her music to be released, I already have the melody (from the sneak peek) stuck in my head!!

  6. Alexandra Pena says:

    Holy guacamole! That sneak peak gave me
    Life! I love how she’s pushing past her fears and creating amazing things! Can’t wait for the song to be fully released!

  7. Jackie Andruscavage says:

    I love how I got to learn about her writing process and what inspires her. I admire her persistence and ability to overcome her fears. Can’t wait to check out this single tomorrow!:)

  8. Jason H says:

    This girl is dope love her process. Just downloaded from Apple Music song is really good!!!

  9. Great article about a phenomenal new artist. Thank you for being one of the first to introduce her to the world stage. She is a remarkable talent. I can’t wait to follow her career. Jessie is very revenant to the times and I’m super inspired by her story now as well as her talent!